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Select feedback from students and coaching clients:

"I have had the good fortune to work with Lindsay many times as an audition coach. I can easily say that working with her helps me give the best auditions of my career, because after we’ve gone over a set of sides I almost always go into that room focused on playfulness and presence. She does not direct the scene or attempt to solve any acting issues, rather she helps expand the choices I have already made and encourages me to play with greater abandon in the areas where I still have questions. Lindsay has a wonderful instinct about text and she often sees choices I’m poking at but have not fully committed to yet. She always asks me valuable and provocative questions that aid in my clarity of what I want to work on in the audition room. I have booked several jobs that she has coached me for! What more can I say? She gets it done."  -- Christoper Tramantana, Ramy (Hulu) Sweetbitter (Showtime)

"Lindsay creates a sacred space, allowing her students to feel vulnerable but yet completely safe. She cares deeply about the work you are creating as a person and character. Her vast knowledge of text and language only heightens the level of training she provides. Her own talent and intelligence of the field is strewn into the work... she is by far one of my favorite acting teachers!”  -- Bobby D., University of New Haven

"There are certain teachers that we get in our lifetime that really help us learn a particular craft, as well as, help us understand who we are as humans/students, and Lindsay is one of a kind. Without her continuous support throughout the time in the class, I would have never gained the self-confidence needed to continue my passion. Whether or not that passion changes, I still have that love and support that only an incredible teacher can provide. She is not afraid to challenge us to face our fears, and with that challenge, she supports her students with the utmost respect and empathy." -- Michael W., Montclair State University

"Lindsay was very patient as a teacher and empathetic when problems arose in the class. She was extremely approachable and provided well-put constructive criticism. She taught me and my fellow peers to always be present, and to always find room to learn and improve." -- Anne B., Montclair State University

"I have had multiple experiences working with Lindsay, most notably on Psycho Beach Party as I played Chicklet. Lindsay helped me develop each of Chicklet's personalities into strong individual voices, both through vocal choices and physicality. I could not have accomplished the range and dynamic personalities of Chicklet if it weren't for Lindsay's guidance and coaching. She was patient, hands-on, and worked with me tirelessly until I got it right. I would recommend that anyone who is seeking serious results work with Lindsay--she is absolutely wonderful!" -- Kiera T., University of New Haven

"Lindsay Torrey is the best. She is always amped and ready to go [...] She brings truth and honesty to her curriculum, and you feel it when she's directing or acting or observing. She's great. Give her a raise. Make her the Dean for all I care. I learned more in her class than any core class I ever had." -- University of New Haven, Student Feedback

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